Integrated RFID-Enabled
Packaging Technology
Benefits for Packaging Users

Imagine a world where RFID-enabled packaging uses its own structure to protect the inlay from damage it could incur during transit and handling. HIDE-Pack's RFID-enabled cases are so effective at shielding the inlays using their own structure that you never have to worry about exposure to adverse environmental factors, like water and ice which are both known to affect the performance of conventional RFID infrastructures.

Imagine adopting an RFID strategy that is as sustainable as can be, eliminating the need for labels and maintaining the recyclability and repulpability of the cases.

That future is now: HIDE-Pack™ is the ultimate tool for packaged goods manufacturers.

Meet your RFID mandates in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, and start taking advantage of the benefits of RFID earlier in your supply chain. Talk to your packaging supplier about it... HIDE-Pack™ is ready to be implemented in their facilities.
  • Significantly reduce the capital investment required to implement RFID in your manufacturing operations.
  • Completely eliminate the need for in-line smart label printer-applicators.
  • Improve labor productivity by making inbound and outbound logistics more efficient and by eliminating the need for manpower assigned specifically to slap-and-ship operations.
  • Save 35% on RFID consumables – that is comparing the costs of smart labels to HIDE-Pack™-compliant RFID inlays.