Integrated RFID-Enabled
Packaging Technology
RFID-Enabling Equipment

HIDE-Pack™ consists in embedding an RFID inlay within the structure of a package, so that the inlay is not visible from the inside or the outside of the package. Effectively, the RFID inlay becomes an integral part of the packaging medium.

The patent-pending HIDE-Pack™ technology can easily be fitted on a wide variety of package-making equipment, ranging from corrugated cases to folding carton boxes.

The equipment associated with the HIDE-Pack™ technology is exclusively available through HIDE-Pack.

The HIDE-Pack™ system consists of:
  • An automated, high-speed tamp-and-blow RFID inlay applicator with on-board pre-application RFID verification and an associated reject removal system.
  • A post-application RFID verification stage, which addresses the inlays after they have been embedded within the packaging structure.
  • A reject marking system linked to the post-application verification system.
  • A human-machine interface to host the software controlling the various components of the system, the production database and the report generating engine.
The on-line rejection of unreadable inlays prior to their application, as well as the post-application verification, ensure minimal final package reject rates of the order of 0.1%.