Integrated RFID-Enabled
Packaging Technology
Benefits for Packaging Manufacturers

Imagine a world where offering RFID-enabled packaging to your customers can be done without disrupting the box-making process and without affecting the quality of the boxes themselves. Imagine presenting your customers with an RFID-ready case that will save them 35% on consumables* and will ensure they meet their RFID mandates in the most sustainable manner.

That future is now: HIDE-Pack™ is the ultimate RFID-enabling technology for packaging manufacturers, and it is ready to be implemented in your facility. Are you ready for it?
  • HIDE-Pack™ allows you to expand your product portfolio and become a market leader in RFID-enabled packaging.
  • It does not affect the productivity of your lines, neither from a setup time nor from a line throughput standpoint.
  • It does not affect the ability of your cases to withstand compressive loads.
* 35% savings are based on a comparison between smart labels and HIDE-Pack's RFID inlays.