Integrated RFID-Enabled
Packaging Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I purchase HIDE-Pack RFID-enabled boxes?

    HIDE-Pack has installed its technology in a number of corrugated box plants and can steer you towards the plant closest to your location upon request.
  2. What is the cost of a HIDE-Pack RFID-enabled box?

    The incremental cost of a HIDE-Pack box when compared to the same box without on-board RFID technology is purely the cost of the RFID inlay. It is dependent on the type of inlay used in a specific application.
  3. Where can I purchase the equipment associated with the HIDE-Pack system?

    HIDE-Pack is the sole distributor of the HIDE-Pack system at this time. To find our contact details, please visit the Contact Us page.
  4. Can the HIDE-Pack technology be applied to folding carton packaging?

    Yes, the HIDE-Pack technology is perfectly suited to folder-gluers used in the folding carton industry.
  5. Is the HIDE-Pack technology available for packaging converted on a rotary die cut press?

    At this time, the HIDE-Pack technology has only been adapted to folder-gluers, but its engineering group is currently developing a version of the system that will be specially adapted for rotary die cutters.
  6. Is the HIDE-Pack system limited to applying certain types of RFID inlays?

    The HIDE-Pack system is limited to applying HIDE-Pack-compliant RFID inlays, which represent the vast majority of inlays available on today's market, both in the HF and UHF ranges of the frequency spectrum. HIDE-Pack has built an extensive inlay portfolio it believes covers the needs of open supply chain and closed loop RFID project implementations, but can undertake inlay performance testing upon request from customers in order to ensure compliance of other types of inlays.
  7. How many tags do the rolls used on the applicators contain?

    They contain up to 20,000 rolls, which gives more than an hour of autonomy on a modern flexo folder-gluer running at maximum production rate.
  8. Is the speed of the converting line affected by the RFID inlay embedding process?

    No, the HIDE-Pack process does not affect in any way the throughput of the box converting line.
  9. Are glue formulation changes necessary when producing HIDE-Pack-enabled boxes?

    No, HIDE-Pack works well with all types of adhesives used in the corrugated packaging and folding carton industries.
  10. Is the top-to-bottom compression resistance of HIDE-Pack boxes affected by the presence of the RFID inlay within its structure?

    No, the top-to-bottom compression strength of box is not affected by the presence of an RFID inlay within the manufacturer's joint. This was proven in extensive testing carried out in independent laboratories, using various glue lap and RFID inlay dimensions.
  11. Are Hide-Pack RFID-enabled boxes recyclable?

    Yes, the RFID inlay embedded within the manufacturer's joint of HIDE-Pack-enabled boxes does not affect their recyclability. Numerous industry studies show that polymer laminated solid-metal antenna inlays – by far the most common type of inlay on the market, and the type which includes all the HIDE-Pack-compliant inlays – are completely removed from the old corrugated containerboard recycling process before the repulped material makes its way to the paper machine.
  12. How are the HIDE-Pack-enabled boxes validated during their manufacturing?

    The RFID inlay is first verified on the applicator itself, just prior to the tamp; if the inlay is found defective at this stage, the applicator will not apply to the box, and only apply the next functional inlay. A second verification of the inlay's readability is performed once the inlay has been embedded within the structure of the box; if the inlay is found defective at this stage, the box will be marked with an ink jet so it can be removed manually from the order.
  13. Is it possible to generate reports using the HIDE-Pack system?

    Yes, the HIDE-Pack system stores RFID-enabled box production run data in an SQL database, from which a report generating tool can be used to display production run statistics such as production rate, reject rate and total box count.
  14. Can the boxes produced using a HIDE-Pack system be programmed with EPC data during the box manufacturing process?

    Yes, it is possible to encode the HIDE-Pack boxes during their manufacturing.
  15. Will I still need to apply a smart label to a HIDE-Pack-enabled box?

    No, the HIDE-Pack inlay embedded within the structure of the box serves the purpose of the RFID smart label which would have been used in a slap-and-ship or a print-and-apply RFID implementation scenario.
  16. Why is the tag embedded in the manufacturing joint?

    For protection purposes – the joint offers the highest level of protection for the inlay, given it is the only area on the box's circumference which has 2 layers of corrugated board over one another – and for RFID readability purposes- the corner of a box is typically a very desirable tag placement to ensure optimal read rates of the inlay once the box has been filled with product.